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I’m a multi-disciplinary designer who delivers creative and engaging solutions across digital media, print, and packaging.

My mission is to deliver memorable user experiences by crafting mindful designs. I have worked as a designer to connect brands with their audiences through interactive art workshops and tailor-made gifts to gain engagement and increase sales. As I worked through different projects, I enjoyed solving all kinds of problems with my clients and bringing joy to the audience.


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Growing up in Hong Kong, where we experience a balance of Eastern and Western cultures, gives me a unique life perspective. 

Because of that, I enjoy maintaining a balance of everything (aside from the fact that I'm a libra). I believe a good designer should be capable of balancing the goals of a business with the needs of the user to create a meaningful experience.

When I’m not working, I love hiking, photographing my cats, making candles, designing art workshops and solving sudoku. 

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